Week 11 Day 6

Tomorrow, I will be 12 weeks pregnant! Wow.

The last week has consisted of me being worried about a miscarriage and not hearing a heartbeat at my recent appointment.

I went in yesterday to speak with my doctor, meeting her for the first time. She was amazing, knowledgeable and very compassionate. She let me ask questions and was very patient, making sure I understood her answers.

She then let us (my S/O and myself) hear the heartbeat! All I could do was giggle!

My doctor was a little concerned because she "heard" that my last visit there was some crying, in regards to my family. I told her my mother wasn't the most supportive at the moment and at the time of the first visit, she didn't know yet. The doctor wanted to know how that was going, i told her I told my mom two weeks ago, and haven't heard from her since.

My mom feels like I should be married first then have kids. She also feels like my S/O and I shouldn't be living together, and we are not married. We have been together for 4 years, and quite frankly I'm very happy that he is going to be the father of my child. He's going to do an outstanding job.

I'm not worried about it. If my mom doesn't want to be involved that is ultimately, her loss. I have a child coming whether she likes it or not!

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