21 Weeks 1 Day

I can't believe I haven't updated, especially with all of the things I've been dealing with! The last time I blogged was over 2 months ago. Not much has changed. My mom and younger sister are still not wanting anything to do with me. There is some hope that my mom is going to "come around" but who knows when that will be. It's such a disappointing situation. Anyways...

I have my own insurance now, which is awesome. I found out the sex of the baby and we are having a girl!!! I am so happy. I was convinced there would be a little boy in there, but to my surprise the doctor said girl! It's so funny how people have been telling me the baby is going to be a diva and always have her hair done LOL. I find that to be hilarious, yet partially true! But we will see.

My boyfriend is doing an outstanding job of being there and providing for us. He has been saving up for a car and I think he's ready to buy one sometime next week. Next on his agenda is to get our emergency fund in order and start buying things for the baby.

Our baby shower is going to be the second week of November, so we will probably purchase things after that. This will allow us to see what we did not receive and what we need to buy.

I am a little tired of being pregnant, the constant heartburn, the pressure on my bladder, stomachaches...it's not pleasant!

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